Sofokles Antigone
Sofokles Antigone
Sofokles Antigone
Sofokles Antigone

Sophokles Antigone

Antigone is adapted to stage as a combination of the trio by Sophokles; “King Oedipus”, “Oedipus at Colonus” and “Antigone”.

Centring the human, leaving every decision to the discretion of men and his unsteadiness and being valid only for a certain period of time, reminding the mortality of men himself, the contemporary laws have in time completely been detached from the divine ones; the unchanging and valid forever just like the immortality of God. Though the divine laws are confined only to myths today, the moral, defined by the laws of God, has been surviving unchanged right inside the modern men as a “slight ache”.
Antigone of the play is the mother, sister, the woman we avoid looking at the face when we did something wrong, something to be “ashamed of”. She is there representing the unchanged before the changing, the ancient law before the new one, defending God against men, as a saint in other words. Kreon, on the other hand, stands for the State; enforcing the laws written and accepted by the men instead.
In the hope that men, gazing at the time, may remember one day…


Derya DİVAN (Guard)

Emel BUDAK (Theresias)

Emre ŞAMDAN (Kreon)

İlayda Nur TEKELİ (Architect)

Kutluhan DAĞ (Guard-Polüneikes)

Salih ÖZKARACA (Haimon)

Serkan KAVAKLI (Time-Oidipus)

Sıla SERT (İsmene)

Sinemis KAMER ŞAHİN (Antigone)