Moliere’in Terzisi
Moliere’in Terzisi
Moliere’in Terzisi
Moliere’in Terzisi

Moliere's Tailor

Moliere’s Tailor is an adaptation of Scapin the Schemer by Moliere where dummies in a tailor house decided to put the play on stage one day! It is a magical place and one night the costumes and the dummies start to act. Opening with the query of the tailor; “do I sew what people like to wear or do they become what I sew for them?”, all the actors on stage are defined by what they put on which even decide how they act! Curtain closes with the answer of the tailor to himself as “destiny” and in the meantime the plot flows the two main questions of human existence: who am I and who will I be? Scapin, the leading character of the play, which is consisted of unbelievable and funny coincidences, provides us an opportunity to discuss the “materialization” and “passivation” as we briefly mentioned above.

Besides, it is well worth to remember that telling the story of the divine fate and the existential and maturational journey of men is best through the helpless lovers, who got together in the end despite all the intrusions and interventions; a topic on which many pen have written including Moliere and Shakespeare.
In the hope that the happy ending of the lovers may remind us how special we actually are.


Erkan Yücel

Mustafa H. Koca

M. Sefa Keski

Sinemis Kamer Şahin

Tuna Şahin

Umut Alper